Feel free to be me

Have you ever been in the presence of someone who makes you feel so at peace, so at ease that you feel you can share your world with them? That pure connection of kindness, where both parties are free to be themselves? That is a feeling I will cherish forever, i have it with certain […]

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The curvy girl movement

Recently it seems that Curvy women have come into their own, there are blogs dedicated to the subject, we have our very own special stores with clothes that are overly priced but might actually fit. Instagram is filled with empowered curvy women who celebrate their curves and say fuck beauty standards, what a world we […]

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World of Depression

I feel like i fell down a dark well, and i am scrambling to try and get back up to find a happier me. I know people keep telling me don’t give you power away, don’t let what a mean spirited boss has done to you affect who you are and what you are feeling. […]

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Blissfully Courageous

This little beauty was what i stumbled across on my Facebook page a few days ago, see things have been moving and happening in my life since i opened my life up to a certain book called THE ANSWER , my life is heading in a new direction a more empowered direction a more connected […]

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