Female Empowerment and all that jazz

Hello world-wide web peeps, so i had this big plan last week to kick some goals. Ahhh than life got in the way or should i say my depression. AHHHHHHH i hate that word and i hate depression, robbing me of my life. Depression is currently my 50 shades of grey lover, it keeps me awake at night with insomnia , it treats me poorly then tries to lift me up. I am finding myself learning  more and more people have depression around me, and i use to  be one of those people i cant stand now that say ” oh just think about happy things, read a positive book, listen to meditation apps ” WHAT THE HELL, those things don’t actually magically work, so to all the people out there in the world  i am sorry for ever saying those stupid things and being one of those people. So fast forward to this week, Tuesday night my big AH HA moment hit me in the face, i was looking at my money situation and going your depression is costing you a better lifestyle, not just emotionally but also financially. Here you are living just in a place of ok comfort when you could be living in a lovely beautiful place where you save to see the world. WAKE UP and find yourself a job, don’t let those horrible people continue to steal your thunder, also while you’re at it lose the weight that you have wanted to lose for the past 6 mths. So fast forward tuesday night applied for many jobs, got an interview the next day for monday 🙂 bam it might be the job i will have, but i am getting back out there, because i am so so so so sick of this dark horrible hole i am in, So today i started my 12 weeks to happiness diet, which means food, movement and spiritual and emotional wellbeing. I am not allowing myself any longer to stay in this horrible place, i am horrible to those i love because i dont think i deserve them and i want to be back to being blissfully happy, i actually want to have a better life then i did before this stupid job thing happened. Today i studied and also stuck to the diet :),  the best thing i did was i got sleeping tablets and i shall be using them till i get my body in the right routine. So life currently is a work in progress, and i am taking one day at a time.


I want to hear how others have achieved their goals ? Has anyone else struggled with depression ?


Have a wonderful week peeps and catch ya on the other side of sadness.


Love Nicole xoox


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