Feel free to be me

Have you ever been in the presence of someone who makes you feel so at peace, so at ease that you feel you can share your world with them? That pure connection of kindness, where both parties are free to be themselves? That is a feeling I will cherish forever, i have it with certain people in my life and for that i shall be eternally grateful, life is so hard on most days , we struggle with our inner demons  with that voice in our head that tells us how shit we are and how out there in our world everyone is better than us. We may not have that voice every day but it’s there on and off , because we feel its ok to allow that voice to be heard, so when in a fleeting moment in time you are with a person that just makes you feel safe to be real, its magical and devours you. I have been told many times in my life, i have a way of making people feel comfortable in my presence , they feel like i don’t judge them for who they are. In my stillness where certain people take it as though i am shy or a bitch , i am actually being present with the person and feeling their true self. I guess growing up  and being bullied for stupid reason that made no sense and still  really dont to this day, has shaped me into this person. I hate to think anyone ever feels like i judge them for who they are, i dont believe in what every one believes nor do i view the world like most, but who am i to judge what they believe? I am a little speck in this world and my thoughts are my own and that is where i keep them. The biggest life lesson i learnt is that people and i mean all people, want to be heard. Every single person wants to feel that they matter, that they are special to someone. If you can just be there  and be still and listen , you can bring someone to a feeling of love and safety they are not even aware of. People try so hard to impress this person and that, they want a certain person to like them so badly they miss the real person who already likes them. It’s like we are walking around with our hearts and spirits closed off, to busy searching for connections with people who in truth are not even connected to themselves, we pretend we dont care but in truth we do. In truth we care too much so we hurt ourselves and others by not being present in the moment. Movies have been made and books have been written, thousands upon thousands of people daily looking for acceptance yet so afraid to accept others. So what do we do to change this ? be still, be present, be in the moment  and learn to accept oursleves one day at a time.


lots of love and light

Love Nicole xoxox



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