The curvy girl movement

Recently it seems that Curvy women have come into their own, there are blogs dedicated to the subject, we have our very own special stores with clothes that are overly priced but might actually fit. Instagram is filled with empowered curvy women who celebrate their curves and say fuck beauty standards, what a world we live in. Growing up as a curvy, plus size , fat whatever you would like to label me, was never easy. The amount of bullying i received for just being me was hideous, and the very impact these horrible bullies had to my self worth and confidence says it all. I still to this day suffer from self loathing and doubt on occasion, i feel i watched my every  move and question how i look and  what i should wear  , will they like me just based on my curves. The world back in my day was  all about skinny, thigh gap . My own family members felt the need to remind me of my weight when they saw me, all under the ” we care for your wellbeing” oh bugger off, my emotional wellbeing was more important, oddly enough certain family members now have packed on the weight so much but no one dare say anything. It was not until  this year that i thought to myself standing by the mirror, fuck your beauty standards world, and i found that more and more women and men have been saying this and because of this i am surrounding myself with the same like minded people. I had a guy say to me, why do you hide your curves he is a very goodlooking guy i mean like 9/10  and i said because not many people can handle them, they are frowned upon and he said ” well they are missing out”. I believe when we put anyone in a box we are missing out, i believe when we try and conform  to what we believe others want we lose our sparkle and shine, a really  great saying i read today was ” why die a copy  when you were born to be an original”  exactly why dull your shine? i got the courage to take a full length photo in my natural state and put it on my instagram it freaked me out but i did it. Because  you know what i am not perfect but i am me. We all need to start seeing ourselves as loveable, no matter what that one  thing is  that makes us feel like we stand out, embrace that one thing and say this is what makes me original. On a side note i actually dont fit in a group , i am to big to be thin and i am to small to be BBW  which i found interesting lol. so i am making my own group #curvaliciousnicole i think that has a nice ring to it… Moral of the story, own your originality and sing it from the mountain , dont let anyone make you feel small. We are not born to be small, we are born to be amazing, feel free to leave a comment i would love to have people engage their thoughts with me.


Love Nicole xoxoxo


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