Decluttering of life

Hi World,

Its me the famous girl who rambles about nothing. I am going to start this post with  a question, have you ever met someone or spoken to someone or been in contact with someone who you feel like you had an instant  connection with?  you cant seem to put your finger on it and you certainly can’t say what it is. It could be sexual  or it could be emotional or it could be many different things rolled into one, all you know is that its there and hell of a strong  and can become rather addictive. There is just something about them,  the two of you have this connection which is magical for it can change your world, or their world . The magical thing about it is, it   could be one-sided  or could be both of you feeling it, this connection maybe  will stay unspoken between the two of you, and it may be a fleeting moment, in thousands of moments you experience in your life. However that one moment can be the spinning point of something that drives you into a new direction in life. This last week I have been doing a lot of soul-searching a lot of real deep soul work , coming to a place where I wanted to see who I really am, where I’m going to accept who i really am , away from what i believe others think or feel about me. I  really think you  spend most of you early years , going through the mere role of being someone you think the world wants you to be.  Especially in society  where you are told who and what to be on a daily basis, we are bombarded with advertising telling us we are not good enough, and all that matters is how we look . Our self the spirit of who we are, the real us outside of the physical body seems to be dismissed. How dare we share feelings, thoughts , fears, and excitement it’s all about the body. nowadays i feel like we a small handful of us are starting to fight back, women and men are saying enough is enough, there is more to people in the world. We have the famous #effyourbeautystandards which is brilliant, women and men are starting to take photos of themselves with lumps bumps, and scars. In truth that’s who we are, we all have imperfections because we are human, and what is perfect to one person may not be perfect for another, i find it funny when people who like certain aspects of the opposite sex that is not deemed normal it’s called a fetish. What is normal? i don’t think such a thing exists because when the media tells us brows are in we love thick brows, i have always all my life had thick dark brows, and growing up they were ugly and wanting to be thin to be hardly seen , some women even shaved them off ,  and BAM 2017 thick dark brows are in.  It makes you wish you could tell those young men and women that sooner or later something they hate about themselves today will be something awesome in a few years. its like the curvy plus size movement has come into its own, and a lot more men  are allowed to freely appreciate women with curves . I am not saying that women who are not curvy or who are thin are not sexy because they are too, with me its more to do with the spirit  of a person than physical features.  However it seems that we are allowing people like myself to see their beauty, i have been super thin and now curvy and what i learnt was i was judged based on those two sizes. It was assumed i had my shit together when i was thin , because i so-called looked after myself, sadly no one knew behind closed doors that i was literally starving myself and throwing up all my food, if thats having your shit together then holy hell  lol . The big thing is be proud of your body whatever shape and size it is , as long as you’re healthy , I think  becoming comfortable in your body is a big major thing because  society  tries to brain wash us all the time you know. We are so brainwashed by commercials and being told what we’re meant to like , the type of people we are meant to be, we are all meant to look a certain way men include, we should drive a certain car, have a certain house buy more shit we don’t need, to impress people who dont care because they are in the same rat race as us, and then we die.  It’s like who you are is all wrong ,  and media and big companies will let you know that on a daily basis.

I have been decluttering my mind, my body and my house this week, I have spent time with people who have made me feel happy and had a connection  with, wether fleeting or not, i was present with them as they were with me and that in truth is what matters. Those Simple special moments where nothing matters but that  simple connection, daily life does not need to be a struggle, we can choose to say enough is enough  to the society who wants to bring us down.

I wish all my readers even if it’s just one person to say effyourstandards I am loved.

Till next time

Love Nicole xoxoxo


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