Feel the fear

Today has been a day of working on myself and my goals, and i don’t mean the goals that are impossible to achieve and only set cause its a new year. I have been working on these goals since November but i have slowly been actioning them when i was ready so i don’t stop […]

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My joy photography

I have always tired to stay clear of my passions due to fear of ¬†failure, its like why try if your only going to fail. I don’t really know where i got that fear from or where it started because my mum said as a little girl i was such a little go getter, i […]

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Blissfully Courageous

This little beauty was what i stumbled across on my Facebook page a few days ago, see things have been moving and happening in my life since i opened my life up to a certain book called THE ANSWER , my life is heading in a new direction a more empowered direction a more connected […]

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A New Perspective on life

I am currently 35 and that means i should be married and have children by now, and that pressure builds up over time, i remember when i was young and i heard women of my age say their biological clock was ticking, i never understood that until now. You see we are pressured as women […]

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