To hard on myself

Tomorrow i am getting my personal appraisal at work, can’t say i am looking forward to it i am nervous not because i think i am doing a shit job, i have course know there is always room to improve and i am learning which i am beyond to make mistakes. However sitting in bed […]

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Losing my faith

Hello world, Lately i have been struggling with my work life, i work in an industry that has 99% women, and i don’t know if you know this but women are horrible to each other, on top of that i deal with mothers as well and they can be horrible also. Don’t get me wrong […]

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Are you one of those people that always sets themselves goals? and people look at you like your nuts asking ” why do you set goals? what if you don’t achieve them?” I am one of those goals people, i like mapping my life out some what, i like having a few goals to work […]

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Hello world!

Welcome to my world, I wanted to start blogging my feelings, I am one of those annoying people who likes to talk about their feelings and sadly not many people like listening to someone’s feelings. So why not annoy the World wide web and share all this stuff inside my head, so here goes just […]

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